Aurora Wedding Witnesses a Major Fight at the End of the party over Alcohol Issue

By , October 10, 2016 7:19 am

An accusation is made against a 32-year old man who fought at the wedding that took place Auroras East Side.

This man allegedly hit another one with a scotch bottle during the party.

Charges like class 3 felony and aggravated battery are made against this man, namely, Alejandro Rodriguez.

When Police reached the destination at 1:37 am, they found a 39 years old man, lying on the floor was badly bleeding. There were many people out there, but all of them looked very disturbed because of the unlikely incident.

According to polices report, Alejandro Rodriguez was found at the schools parking lot in a red colored Ford Suv car.
According to the people who were present at the wedding, the wedding party was near its ending at 1 a.m, and some of the guests were given some bottles of alcohol to take back to their home. Concerning this, some disagreements occurred amongst some guests and then Alejandro Rodriguez hit someone with a bottle. A woman also made a complaint to police that Alejandro Rodriguez too hit her on her face.

The injured man was rushed to the Rush Copley Medical Center where he is now being taken care of.

Alejandro Rodriguez is now in the county jail, and from the official website of the jail, it is known that his bail is decided under the fine of $15,000. He is likely to make an appearance at the county courthouse of St. Charles on Friday at 9 a.m.

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