Kassandra Palace,, Chalkidiki

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By , February 13, 2015 2:39 am

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Wedding In Kos – Lofaki Cafe & Restaurant

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salman khan in Greece [rhodes] in film ‘wanded dead & alive’

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Winter Wedding for Eddie Redmayne

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By , December 11, 2014 10:37 am

English actor Eddie Redmayne, 32 years of age is eagerly waiting to tie the knot this winter with his fiancée Hannah Bagshawe.

The couple got engaged in May after going around for two years. Eddie even sought the permission of Hannah’s father, before going on his knees and proposing marriage to her. The actor and singer have also been named as one of the best dressed people of Vanity Fair.

However he is mostly popular for co starring in the classical adaptation of Les Miserables as Marius Pontmercy along with Hugh Jackman and Anna Hathaway. After gaining recognition he also attained a role in the science fiction Jupiter and has been filming for Stephen Hawkin’s biopic Theory of Everything where he plays the role of a renowned physicist.

Hannah who is a financial publicist by profession and Eddie have been dating since January 2012. They officially declared their relationship in that very year when they appeared on the red carpet at the London premiere of Les Mis IN December of that very year. It has been revealed from sources that they had a very compatible and relaxed relationship and were aware of the fact that they were able to spend the rest of their lives together. Eddie Redmayne had told the People’s Magazine of his bad taste in choosing colors and also revealed how Hannah had helped him in choosing his attire with the perfect color combination to be worn at the red carpet and other publicity events.

Wedding in Shutka, one of the largest gipsy communities in the world (Skopje, Macedonia)

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PuNjaBi SonG in GreecE 4

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Truck Drivers in Greece Dodge Tolls

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