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Amy and Alex Simmons sets new wedding record

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By , February 28, 2015 6:41 am

Alex and Amy Simmons wedding was really a huge wedding with around hundred ad thirty bridesmaids as well as hundred ushers. The pair broke two world records with their attendants after they won a Facebook contest for the ultimate free ceremony.

The couple just met previous summer and they brought ahead their wedding after snatching the #110000 payout. Alex and Amys epic line-up took the took the world record to almost double. That was 47 earlier. They also pipped the bridesmaids records by just 4 women.

For the qualification of the world record, the couple – 26 year old Amy and 32 year old Alex – just could not ask random guests to do the honors. Amy called her friends from all over the world and Alexs groomsmen included rugby players Jamie Jones-Buchanan and Danny Kirmond.

All the things of their dream wedding day was given by local companies that included 130 bridesmaids dress that are identical worth #35000 and suits worth #13000 for men. Continue reading 'Amy and Alex Simmons sets new wedding record'»